Ben's Bricks Original Lego creations built in Calgary, Canada

Jack O'Lanterns

These Jack O'Lanterns were included in the Southern Alberta Lego User's Group's display at the 8th Annual Westgate Community Lego Building Contest in Calgary. The middle Jack O'Lantern includes a LEGO "candle" made up of several 9 volt lights. Some of the lights blink, giving a candle-like flicker to the Jack O'Lantern's glow. Battery powered tea lights were used to light the smaller Jack O'Lanterns.

Jack O'Lanterns Pieces: 3200 (estimated)

    48 bricks (18.5 inches)
    36 bricks (14 inches)
    26 bricks (10 inches)

    32 studs (10 inches)
    28 studs (9 inches)
    24 studs (7.5 inches)

Weights: 6.7, 3.6 and 2.7 pounds

Constructed: October 2011

LEGO Jack O'Lanterns in a dark room

LEGO medium-sized Jack O'Lantern

LEGO Jack O'Lantern inside

LEGO small-sized Jack O'Lantern

Large LEGO Jack O'Lantern mouth close-up

LEGO large-sized Jack O'Lantern