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Team Building

Oil Rig Would you like to use LEGO bricks as part of your next corporate team building event? I can make it happen!

Team building activities help your employees engage their imaginations as they work together to overcome a variety of challenges using LEGO bricks. My team building events:

All of my team building challenges involve building something with LEGO bricks. It could be a structure, a vehicle, or some other unique creation. The possibilities are only bounded by your imagination. Consider the following example activities.

For the best results I recommend having between 12 and 50 participants at the event. However, I can also work with you to find ways to accommodate both larger and smaller groups.

Costs for team building events depend on a variety of factors:

In most cases I can find a way to tailor the event to fit your budget while meeting your team building goals. Please contact us to discuss your event.

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