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Team Building
Oil Rig Would you like to use LEGO bricks as part of your next corporate team building event? We can make it happen!

Team building activities help your employees engage their imaginations as they work together to overcome a variety of challenges using LEGO bricks. Our team building events:

  • Build a sense of camaraderie and belonging among team members
  • Demonstrate the value of working together
  • Help employees approach their work with increased confidence and creativity
  • Maintain a playful atmosphere that encourages the free exchange of ideas
All of the challenges will involve building something with LEGO bricks. It could be a structure, a vehicle, or something else entirely. The possibilities are only bounded by your imagination. Consider the following example activities.
  • Activity 1: Your group will be divided into teams of 3 to 5 people. All teams will be asked to build the tallest tower that they can within a limited time period. The teams will compete against each other to bring out their competitive spirit and maximize their desire to work together.

  • Activity 2: Each member of your group is provided with instructions that will allow them to construct a portion of a large model related to your company. The entire group works together to build a model that requires everyone's contribution to complete.

For the best results we recommend having between 12 and 50 participants at the event. However we can also work with you to find ways to accommodate both larger and smaller groups.

Costs for team building events depend on a variety of factors. How many people will be participating? What activities would you like them to participate in? Do the participants want to keep their masterpieces? In most cases we can find a way to tailor the event to fit your budget while meeting your team building goals. Please contact us for more information.